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Bloghology is a social network for both bloggers and for companies related to the blogosphere. Unlike other social networks, Bloghology is unique in that it is a purposed social network that exists to connect bloggers with bloggers, but more than that it also connects bloggers to Internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Bloghology allows users to join blogging-oriented groups. Groups exist for ... Read More »

coffee grinder

A Coffee grinder takes roasted coffee beans and turns them into a specific grind that is best for the coffee type coffee machine used to make the end coffee beverage. Coffee grinders come in two main types, the blade grinders and the burr grinders. Coffee grinders range from the old manual coffee mill to high tech electric grinders that have ... Read More »

coffee shop

Coffee shop is a popular term used to describe a small restaurant typically selling light refreshments with the main item on the menu being multiple variations of coffee, often complimented by sweet snacks. The known origins of the coffee shop or house date back to 1475 A.D. in Constantinople, Turkey. When Turkey invaded Austria in the next century, coffee shops ... Read More »

coffee maker

In common use a coffee maker is a machine that uses a specific process to brew ground coffee beans into the drinkable coffee beverage as it is served. There are many types of coffee makers in use today, both commercially and for home use. They range from the high technology steaming machines used for espresso and cappuccino to simple home ... Read More »


Coffee is a beverage brewed from the beans of a plant from one of several species of the Coffea genus, a small evergreen tree or bush grown worldwide, but originally native to subtropical Africa. Coffee beans are the seeds of the plant, which is widely cultivated in tropical regions worldwide. It is thought that coffee has been consumed as a ... Read More »

organic coffee

Organic coffee is the popular term for coffee grown with only organic fertilizer and without the use of pesticides, which in turn makes it healthier for the end user. The term can extend though to the methods of processing coffee as well. U.S.D.A. requirements for organic coffee production include: farming without synthetic pesticides or other prohibited substances for three years ... Read More »