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Eastern Spirit: A Great Debut Album for a Great Indie Band

Album Review: Eastern Spirit- The Streamers: 4/5 I discovered this band on, of all places, myspace. Although the Artist tag on the CD is Sean Yoxovic and the Streamers, they actually call themselves just “The Streamers.” Sean is the guitarist and lead singer. He is from Serbia, and when rock was looked upon with disdain by the Serbian Government, he ... Read More »

Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan’s Minor League Stadium Tour

The other night, I went to Dodd Memorial Stadium, home of the Norwich Navigators, to see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. I’m not gonna lie- I mainly went to see Bob Dylan. A band called the Greencards opened up the show, and they were a really good acoustic-country rock band. They had this one guy who played the Ukelalae (sp?) ... Read More »