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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing. For many marketers, this new marketing discipline is an exciting departure from more traditional marketing mediums. Social media marketing means marketing either yourself, or a product or company through the various social media outlets online, these include sites such as Twitter, Facebook and linkedIn. It usually involves creating a buzz around the online community that attract attention ... Read More »

ugg boots

Ugg boots used to be the generic term for a type of boot made from sheepskin usually in Australia and New Zealand. Now the term Ugg is the registered trade mark of the company, UGG Australia. Now many companies produce the sheepskin style boot that has been made so popular by the growing trend in celebrities wearing the boots, but ... Read More »


Wifi is trademark of the Wi-Fi alliance which is the global association of companies that support wireless WLAN technology. It is the common name given to a wireless internet connection, It allows computers and any Wi-Fi enabled device to communicate remotely with a wireless access point. It is encrypted by Wi-Fi and Network Security to ensure any data transmitted or ... Read More »


The national lottery is one of the most popular lotteries worldwide. A lottery is a draw that takes place, in which you can purchase tickets to try to win a prize, usually cash. You will win various amounts depending on the number of lottery numbers you correctly match in the draw, matching all the numbers from the draw will win ... Read More »


An Article is a piece of nonfictional text that is published in newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. Usually discussing a recent news event or just a general informative piece on various subjects. A well written article should consist of 3 main parts, an introduction, a main body of content, and a conclusion or summary. It will often contain eyewitness accounts ... Read More »