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My Weekend in Rock Part 1

It would be nearly impossible for me to remember the entire length of their 2 hour and 15 minute set in order, but Godspeed expounded and lamented on every album in the discography. Read More »

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy — Master and Everyone

I was first introduced to Will Oldham in 1998, when working at a small independent record store in Iowa City. As it goes with all college towns, there are two points in the year when the students find themselves flailing for money. Having spent all of mom and dad’s allocated funding for the semester, they seek local record shops to ... Read More »

Abilene — Two Guns, Twin Arrows

Music fans everywhere may be thinking that since the demise of windy-city standby, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Chicago rock has gone by the wayside, that its had its heyday. I’m here to say that its still going stong. With new writing in the works by Tekulvi, South by Southwest appearances by Haymarket Riot and Lustre King, and a stunning new ... Read More »