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The Spooky Silence Of Sarah Palin — Why, For Four Long Days After The Giffords Shooting, She STFU

There are two Americas: the violent right and the non-violent left Read More »

What Obama Can Learn From Lady Gaga (And Progressives From The Tea Party)

Lady Gaga plays base politics like Huey Long. Obama does it like Marie Antoinette Read More »

Obama’s Speech: The War That Started With Lies Is Ending With Lies

America is a lie wrapped in a delusion inside a swindle. Read More »

Glenn Beck’s “I Am A Nightmare” Speech

Let's restore honor to our great white nation by invoking the name of Dr King and calling Obama a racist. Read More »

Who’s Going To Hell Faster: Our Christians Or Our Republicans?

Evangelical Christians and the GOP have the morality of bedbugs and make Americans look dumber than roadkill. Read More »

Obama Sucks Up To Wall Street, Big Pharma, The Pentagon, and the GOP – Yet His Spokesman Disses His Progressive Base

Like a brat, Robert Gibbs disses Obama's progressive base, when Obama has done everything he can to alienate them. Read More »

Barack Obama Is A Big Fat FOX News Toady Coward – And So Are We

Obama presides over an administration of cowards in a nation of cowards. Read More »

Michael Jackson: What’s Wrong With The Stories We’re Told About Him

We live in a world of stories, not a world of events -- as Michael Jackson's story proves. Read More »

The Sissies Of Wall Street, The Suckers Of Main Street: Welcome To Casino Capitalism

The sissies of Wall Street refuse to drink their own medicine like men, and want to pass their pain on to Main Street Read More »

Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama: How One Man’s Character Can Change Your Life For Good Or Bad

In politics, people of character are rare -- let's hope Barack Obama is one of them Read More »