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All Penguins Go to Heaven?

From the NYTimes: On the conservative Web site WorldNetDaily.com, an opponent of abortion wrote that the movie “verified the beauty of life and the rightness of protecting it.” At a conference for young Republicans, the editor of National Review urged participants to see the movie because it promoted monogamy. A widely circulated Christian magazine said it made “a strong case ... Read More »

Tom Cruise, the new Jerry Falwell

With Tom Cruise drawing so much media attention to Scientology in recent weeks, it would be easy to jump on the Tom-bashing bandwagon and dismiss Scientology as a fringe, extremist cult. Like a friend’s coworker who recently referred to Cruise as an “atheist with no balls,” while watching him tear in to Matt Lower on the break-room television. But, honestly, ... Read More »

Attack of the Drones

It comes as no surprise that the controversial book, The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President is filled with personal attacks on Senator Clinton. It seems to make it on a non-fiction bookshelf these days you have to write a radically partisan attack book that stimulates a brute, ... Read More »

Blame America First

For the past few days I’ve been cut off from civilization, and I seemed to have missed Michael Jackson’s acquittal. Actually, I wouldn’t say I missed it; I didn’t really follow the trial at all when it was going on. It was more annoying than interesting. But what I do find interesting is how devious right-wing pundits can be in ... Read More »

Nature-Deficit Disorder

Richard Louv makes an interesting point in his new book, Last Child in the Woods, about the physical, psychological, and spiritual problems that stem from the lack of regular contact with nature, particularly for children. If you’ve ever sat under the stars around a roaring campfire, it’s easy to understand the psychological benefits of spending time in a natural setting. ... Read More »

The Conservatie Elite

Liberals, and Democrats by association, are often stereotyped and criticized by conservatives for being “elitist.” You saw it in the last election, with pundits portraying Kerry as a snobby intellectual going against the good-ol-country-boy George Bush. But what about conservative elitism? Can’t right-wing pundits be just as condescending and arrogant as anyone? Let’s take a look. First, we have Rush ... Read More »

The last taboo

“More people joined the Michael Jackson fan club. We’ve done picked all the low-lying Lynndie England fruit, and now we need warm bodies.” – Bill Maher on the Army’s low recruitment numbers for April. Is this statement treason? According to Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Alabama) it is. “I think it borders on treason,” Bachus said. “In treason, one definition is to ... Read More »

The Media You Deserve: Look in the Mirror

Look. I have problems with mainstream media. Most major news outlets are nothing more than sensationalistic entertainers, afraid of losing ratings if they interrupt their 24-hour coverage of the latest celebrity trial to report on real news. But for once, I come to their defense. I’m not so much defending the media as I’m criticizing its critics. As Kevin Drum ... Read More »

Gay marriage in 2055

Someday my kids will look back at the current gay marriage debate with the same disbelief I have when looking back at the legal racial segregation from a generation ago. Let me explain: Growing up, I was under the impression that human history was an inevitable progression toward something better. Toward equality, even. And looking at history as it is ... Read More »