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Satire: How to Fix the NFL Playoffs

The NFL needs experts and computers decide what teams are truly worthy to advance to the Super Bowl. Read More »

The Petty Tyrannies of Heber City

If the petty tyrants of Heber City, Utah have their way on Election Day, Wal-Mart won’t be coming to town. Read More »

Satire: Politicians Promise Money, Cars and Jobs for Life

Why stop at $5,000 baby bonds? Read More »

Lee C. Bollinger: Free Speech Hypocrite

Columbia’s president would deserve free speech kudos if he wasn’t such a hypocrite about who’s allowed to speak on campus. Read More »

Why Larry Craig Should Resign

Craig was entrusted with a special position of responsibility and should be held to a higher level of conduct. Read More »

People Are More Important than Animals

Those who torture animals should be punished; however, the punishment should not be greater than harming a person. Read More »

The Ann Coulter Distraction

Why does John Edwards continue to take on Ann Coulter even when it hinders his presidential campaign? Read More »

Sunny Brook Greentree and Global Warming

We’re here today with Sunny Brook Greentree, the all-knowing environmental guru who answers questions about the state of our planet. Read More »

GOP Shouldn’t Fear Clinton-Obama “Dream Ticket”

Nominating Obama as Clinton’s running mate could actually help the GOP retain the White House. Read More »

Whose Rights Should Prevail?

The new Washington state law forcing pharmacies to sell morning after pills is a great example of bad law. Read More »