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Music Review: Cold War Kids – Robbers and Cowards

The band combines emo with alt-rock and Dylan-esque lyrics to produce an overall satisfying album. Read More »

Movie Review: Michael Moore’s Sicko

There is much in the film to give viewers sleepless nights, but it is more than a mere litany of grief and sickness. Read More »

You Are Time Magazine’s Person of The Year, Your Life Goes On

The narcissistic social disorder that has enveloped global society takes many forms. Read More »

Movie Review: Casino Royale (1954)

This is Bond before the myth, before the glamour, and before the girls. Read More »

Movie Review: Casino Royale (2006) – James Bond Reborn

We see glimpses of the old Bond, and quite a few beginnings of the later one. Read More »

Saddam Hussein Sentenced To Death In Trial For Crimes Against Humanity

Featuring more political grandstanding and media theater than legal exegesis of his crimes, his trials have not set good precedents. Read More »

The 2006 O’Reilly Photoshop Cook-off Winners

If your raw images aren't quite good enough, you can always turn to the trusty Adobe Photoshop. Read More »

Introducing The Desicritics Team

Exploring what it means to be South Asian in a world where desis are everywhere, doing everything, and opinionating about their world. Read More »

Book Review: Haruki Murakami’s Birthday Stories

This is not a book to be given lightly as a present; it carries enough weapons of emotional destruction to shatter the naive, not-yet-cynical heart. Read More »

San Francisco Hit and Run Rampage by Afghan Man

Eyewitnesses described it like watching Death Race 2000, or a video game in action. Read More »