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Dassault Begins Flight Tests of the nEUROn Prototype UCAV

Robots will fight wars of the future. Read More »

Book Review: Ghost on the Throne: The Death of Alexander the Great and the Bloody Fight for His Empire by James Romm

Who would be worthy of Alexander's legacy? Read More »

The Navy’s New Drone Superweapon Begins Tests

The X-47B drone begins sea trials. Read More »

Increasing Access to Graduate Education Key to America’s Economic Growth

We are not investing in our human capital potential. Read More »

Adam Ozimek is Wrong on Immigration

We are better off investing in the people already within our borders. Read More »

Book Review: Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore

The bloody struggle to possess Jerusalem a depressing revelation of man's troubled soul. Read More »

A College Degree is Still Not a Panacea

Don't be fooled by studies purporting to show the value of a college degree. Read More »

Poland’s Strategy, Thinking Outside the Geopolitical Box

The solution to Poland's geopolitical security problem lies outside the box. Read More »

Hollowing Out of the Middle Class is Concomitant With Rising Political Polarization

Political divisions rise as the middle class crumbles. Read More »

Asking Tough Questions About the Aurora Theater 9 Shooting: Were Antidepressants to Blame?

In the last decade, most of the shooters who went on bloody rampages were under psychiatric care. Read More »