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Movie Review: Mystery at Mansfield Manor

Mystery at Mansfield Manor is a step in the right direction towards a more creative, a more diverse cinema Read More »

Book Review: The Film Snob*s Dictionary

Much fun is had skewering the eponymous Film Snob, but the book's real intent is to celebrate neglected cinematic treasures. Read More »

Movie Review: Cars

Cars doesn't quite succeed in breathing life into a new world. But if only all failures looked so good! Read More »

The Cardinal Sin of Film Criticism

A. Horbal on the one error critics must avoid at all costs. Read More »

Website Review: Criticker – Crunching the Numbers

Personalized film recommendation engine, Criticker, matches you with critics with tastes similar to your own. Read More »

Movie Review: X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand is fast, fun, and unpredictable -- qualities that have been lacking in the season's movies thus far. Read More »

Movie Review: The Beauty Academy of Kabul

A good subject, provided it's treated competently, can redeem an otherwise unexceptional film. Thus is the case with Liz Mermin's documentary The Beauty Academy of Kabul. Read More »

The Future of Film Criticism

One humble, young, Internet-based critic's thoughts on the state of film criticism. Read More »

Online Shorts Digest: No. 1 – Why I Love Animation

These are some animated shorts that I've been enjoying online: Anything live action can do, animation can do better. And cheaper! Read More »

Movie Review: Poseidon

A perfectly serviceable disaster flick, but it's remarkable only for the extent to which it's unremarkable. Read More »