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Movie Review: The Ice Harvest

Question: How do you put John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton in a movie directed by Harold Ramis and end up with something less appetizing than uncooked tofu? It’s a serious question because it takes special talent to ruin those ingredients. The Ice Harvest tries to be a black comedy/crime caper in the same style as the far superior Fargo. ... Read More »

Review: Sandra Boynton – Dog Train

I’d never heard of children’s’ book author Sandra Boynton before I heard about Mark Lanegan’s contribution to a just-released book and CD combo. Mark Lanegan–the man who writes odes to heroin, whose songs explore death and broken relationships in some of the most stark and melancholy ways imaginable. That Mark Lanegan was going to be singing music for kids (along ... Read More »

Movie Review: Serenity

Serenity achieves something that I wasn’t sure was possible: it should end up appealing to fans of the show Firefly as much as it does to people who didn’t even know that it was derived from an unfortunately short-lived TV show. The early exposition is kept to a minimum and even provides a little bit of background that will keep ... Read More »

Wade O. Brown, All Night, All Love

This is the kind of music you put in the CD player after you just made her dinner and you’ve lubricated the wheels of more intimate social interaction with a few glasses of good wine. Yeah, it’s that kind of CD. Wade O. Brown’s new release, All Night, All Love, is heavily influenced by the 70’s R&B giants. A bit ... Read More »

Review: The Long Forgotten, Divinity School Drop Out

Warning: This CD isn’t for the faint of heart. It isn’t for people who went home after school and listened to Warrant thinking that they were actually listening to heavy metal. No, this is much stronger stuff than that. Shawn Macomber, fellow blogger and formerly a writer for the conservative magazine American Spectator, might seem like an odd choice for ... Read More »

Review: War of the Worlds

Spielberg isn’t to blame for everything that’s wrong in this movie. I’ve always thought that the abrupt end to the story is an unavoidable let down, so I don’t blame Spielberg for the anticlimactic last bit. Beyond that, though, it’s all on him. The action is intense, it managed to startle the g-phrase with a few good scares, and Tom ... Read More »

Closer, A Review

Critical darling, Closer, doesn’t deserve the praise. As an adaptation of a play, it fails on nearly every level to be a good movie: its characters are unlikable, its dialog not even vaguely resembling real life, and its emotional outbursts carefully manipulated until they have only a tenuous connection to ongoing events in the movie. Jude Law and Julia Roberts ... Read More »

Woven Hand at Benders Tavern

On Good Friday, the g-phrase and I attended what was probably the best concert that I will see this year. Benders Tavern is a bar and small concert venue that sits in the building formerly occupied by the Goth bar, Onyx. Where it used to be dark and gloomy, with its TVs showing a mix of stylish and campy cult ... Read More »