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inspiré des toiles de Toly Kouromalis

Howdy! Back in July Pouèt-cafëe launched issue 8 here at the gallery. During the proceedings they managed to write a collective poem that was based on the art work up on the walls here by Toly Kouroumalis. If you are interested in reading it click here. Be forewarned it is a French Poem, for those of you who are square-heads, ... Read More »

Jérôme Delgado on the moves

Howdy! Mr. Delgado writes a straight news story on the variety of moves being done by some of the galleries in town. It is a 828 word piece, that if my memory serves, means that absolutely every media outlet in Montreal will have covered this story. Hmmm, does this mean that it is easier to write straight news than it ... Read More »

More fun with math

Howdy! Back in January I wrote about attendance figures here at Zeke’s Gallery in comparison to those of the Musée des Beaux Arts. Well, now the CBC’s Arts Report is reporting that because the Beaverbrook Art Gallery is in the news they are getting more people in the door. In fact it looks like they are (if I read the ... Read More »

The Pros and Cons of a New Art Magazine

Howdy! Way back at the beginning of the month the The New York Times reported that Condé Nast Publications was planning on publishing a new magazine devoted to Visual Art. Now the focus of the article was pretty much, “Condé Nast publishes magazines devoted to expensive consumer culture, so it seems reasonable that they do one for art, right?” Then, ... Read More »

Michel Hellman vs. Holland Cotter

Howdy! M. Hellman, of Le Devoir, and Mr. Cotter of the New York Times, both decided to review “Seurat and the Making of ‘La Grande Jatte’” at the Art Institute of Chicago. As Le Devoir is a Montreal newspaper, and the New York Times is a New York newspaper (duh!) I’m not certain as to what suddenly made Chicago the ... Read More »

Bernard Lamarche on Patrick Coutu

Howdy! M. Lamarche writes 701 words on the latest and greatest exhibit to grace Rene Blouin’s gallery. By way of introduction, he uses the first paragraph to describe the invitation to the exhibit. Not as bizarre as it sounds, if you are familiar with M. Blouin, which most of Le Devoir’s readers will be. Bizarre as all get out, if ... Read More »

Louise Leduc talks to Guy Cogeval

Howdy! La Presse got Ms. Leduc to talk to, and follow up the Canadienne Presse article about the various lawsuits Guy Cogeval has been served with that they ran on the 12th of July. She writes 586 words based on an interview she had with M. Cogeval that was requested by the Museum of Fine Arts. As anybody who reads ... Read More »

Le Devoir covers Under Pressure

Howdy! On Monday, Le Devoir, in an article without a byline reports about the “International Graffiti Convention” that took place here over the weekend.198 words that would have been better if it had been published on, say, Friday or Saturday. —Posted by Chris from Zeke’s Gallery to Zeke’s Gallery at 8/18/2004 06:10:18 PM Read More »

Michel Hellman on Juan Geuer

Howdy! Le Devoir finally decided to unlock an article about visual art (yay!) and it turns out that Michel Hellman wrote 727 words on a current exhibit at what they call the Darling Foundry, but also could be called Quartier Ephemere. For those of you with short memories, it was only 12 days ago when I published the interview I ... Read More »

Real Art Rocks!

Howdy! Run, don’t walk to “Real” Art by Peter Bagge which is up on line now at Reason Magazine. I got the link from Caryn at Art.blogging.LA, super special thanks to her. —Posted by Chris from Zeke’s Gallery to Zeke’s Gallery at 8/17/2004 12:04:30 PM Read More »