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Book Review: Managing by Process: A Silicon Valley Retrospective by Scott Adams

An insightfully humorous yet controversial retrospective on the most controversial management theories, processes, and policies emanating from the San Francisco Bay high tech area. Read More »

A Kennedy By Any Other Name

After saying out of the public eye for most of her adult life, why does Caroline Kennedy suddenly want to jump into the political spotlight? Read More »

Increasing Web Site Stickiness: Embedding Flash Games in Web Sites

Are your site visitors not hanging around as long as you'd like? Try adding a little fun. Read More »

Senator Biden Nails It on Meet the Press

Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) may in fact be the only Democratic candidate with a solid rational plan for a successful outcome in Iraq. Read More »

A Tale of Two Reverends

Sharpton and Jackson's position on Imus and the infiltration of gangsta rap into mainstream society is a paradox. Read More »

When Republicans Become Independents

Rather than follow Bush off the cliff, a lot of once-lemming Republicans are thinking that "Independent" is a pretty viable option. Read More »

G8: U.N. Board of Directors?

Can the G8 emerge as the crisis management replacement for the U.N. or at least play more of a major role? Read More »

Laws? We Don’t Need No Stinking Laws

Illegal immigrants take to the streets on Monday, "Uno de Mayo" in a "walk out" to demonstrate their value to American society. Read More »

Hyper Tuning Firefox: A Blogger’s Guide

A look at a guide that will help you maximize your FireFox experience. Read More »

The Great War of 2007: A Retrospective

His quasi-fictional historical accounting speaks to some of the errors made in the world's failure to "pre-empt" Iran's nuclear ambitions in 1979. Read More »