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Tips abound in the blogosphere. Money, computers, fashion, cooking, job hunting – if it can be imagined, blogs likely exist with tips relating to it. A tips post generally differs from a how-to blog by stating one or more points instead of a complete method of accomplishing the thing. And, a tips post may contain numerous tips, generally related. Blogs ... Read More »


The ability to read may be the most common skill of all Technorati visitors. Offline reading of books, magazines, and newspapers is a common activity for many bloggers and they often happily blog their reading adventures. From reviewing books to sharing passages or concepts, there is a common passion for the written word. Some bloggers list their reading plans. Online ... Read More »


"WTF" is a slang acronym frequently used by bloggers to express a reaction to an alarming or totally unexpected turn of events or, as an extreme, something eliciting shock and awe. Some blogs' entire focus is on reporting WTF situations, such as The Daily WTF. Like too many exclamation points in a story, the overuse of the WTF acronym has ... Read More »


Tarot is a fortune telling method. For some, the tarot opens a view into a possible future. The fortune telling tool is a deck of 78 cards. Different decks have different images. They're pretty (mostly). The image on individual cards contain clues to the card's meaning. See the tarot cards tag page for related blogs. Tarot is an old practice, ... Read More »