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Iggy, Schmiggy

Can the Liberal Party of Canada survive the carnage to come? Read More »

Homegrown Terror

Homegrown Canadian terrorism -- is it the result of lax immigration? Read More »

Cheap Labor

What is a president to do when he’s got 12 million illegals in his country? Read More »

Preventing Canada’s Own 9/11

Who's to blame for the presence of terrorists in Canada? Read More »

Liberal Party Of Canada: R.I.P.

With the NDP on the ropes, there's a chance that Canada can evolve into a working two-party system. Read More »

Smoke Signals?

Are we going too far in trying to protect people from themselves? Read More »

TV: A Bag Of Goodies — Or Is It?

A new television season is upon us. Will it be any good? Read More »

Is The End Nigh For the Canadian Liberal Party?

According to the most recent Ipsos-Reid poll, the Tories are now safely in majority territory at 43%, with the Liberals down to 25%. Read More »

Deus ex Machina

I often hear from colleagues that we would not be where we are today if it were not for the Internet. Read More »

The Challenges of Multiculturalism

What is the price of open immigration and is it better or worse than a more restrictive alternative? Read More »