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Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. Harper

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper turns 50 today. Many Happy Returns – to Harper the person, not Harper the Prime Minister. Read More »

The End of Conventional TV?

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Patience Is A Virtue: Is Conventional TV Worth Saving?

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Obama and Clinton: Nasty Politics

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An Inevitable Split?

Canadians could see major political changes after "Super Saturday" Read More »

Canada’s 2006 Fall TV Season

The 2006 fall season, as seen by a Canadian Read More »

Blogging: A Threat To Journalists?

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Choosing Sides in Canadian Politics

Why this voter is changing his affiliation. Read More »

Tory or Liberal?

Which way should Canada go: Conservative or Liberal? Read More »

Political Blogging and Punditry

Should political bloggers be impartial or driven by their affiliation with a certain party? Read More »