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CD Review: The Coffin Lids – Round Midnight

I was lying in the gutter the other day having first been kicked out of the local grocery for what they called attempting to set the lobsters free before embarking on a three day super bender of sorts that left me feeling like Bruce Banner after a Hulk comedown when I heard somebody walking by say “The Coffin Lids are ... Read More »

“Paranoid” – It’s not a happy song!

VH1 was re-broadcasting the UK Music Hall Of Fame Sunday night and the Soulfish wife starting watching it when she noticed some old footage of The Kinks. Soon I joined her and saw the Pink Floyd induction and Black Sabbath one. Then the mighty original line up of Sabbath performed “Paranoid” and what little bit of my teenage angst I ... Read More »

CD Review: The Invisible Eyes – Laugh In The Dark

The Invisible Eyes say their music is like a caveman riding in a spaceship. It’s an apt description from a hypnotic quartet of rock and roll primitives whose debut has just been released on the Bomp label. Laugh In The Dark features straight out of the garage sonics recorded at Egg Studios by Conrad Uno. The operative phrase here is ... Read More »

CD Review: Mad Science Fair – …For A Better Tomorrow

What if I’m just too pooped to power pop? Mad Science Fair is the latest power pop / hard rock band to cross the threshold into my house and it’s either due to the onset of Epstein-Barr or that Mad Science Fair just isn’t all that good to blame for the disinterest and boredom I find whenever I cue up ... Read More »

CD Review: The Amino Acids – …Destroy The Warming Sun!

The Amino Acids say they are influenced by Black Sabbath and Dick Dale. Their music has sometimes been described as surf-gore and they are part of that wacky bunch The Church Of The SubGenius. They also claim to have been sent from outer space. Hey, it worked for Sun Ra. The most likely band they will be compared to is ... Read More »

CD Review: Miguel Mendez – My Girlfriend Is Melting

Miguel Mendez was born and raised in the LBC and attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School with Snoop Dogg. Mendez has collaborated with dudes like Farmer Dave (All Night Radio, Beachwood Sparks), Joel and Kevin Morales (Dios Malos), Tiffany Anders, and Sam Jayne (Love As Laughter). He’s a guitaris, pianist, producer, and engineer. I copied all that from the CD ... Read More »

CD Review: Propaghandi – Potemkin City Limits

When most people tell you they disagree with you, but they’ll defend your right to say what’s on your mind you’ve got to figure they don’t really mean it. Well I’m here to let you know that I disagree with most of the lyrical content of Propaghandi’s new Fat Wreck Chords disc Potemkin City Limits, but the music rocks and ... Read More »