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Victor Lana has published numerous stories, articles, and poems in literary magazines and online. His books In a Dark Time (1994), A Death in Prague (2002), Move (2003), The Savage Quiet September Sun: A Collection of 9/11 Stories (2005) and Like a Passing Shadow (2009) are available online and as e-books. He has won the National Arts Club Award for Poetry, but has concentrated mostly on fiction and non-fiction prose in recent years. He has worked as faculty advisor to school literary magazines and enjoys the creative process as a writer, editor, and collaborator. He has been with Blogcritics since July 2005, has edited many articles, was co-head sports editor with Charley Doherty, and now is a Culture and Society editor. He views Blogcritics as one of most exciting, fresh, and meaningful opportunities in his writing life.

Boring Rats: Cultural Learnings of “CitiField” For Make Benefit Inglorious Nation of Mets Fans

CitiField? Man, that is not only boring but a less than amazing choice for the name of the new home of the Amazin’ Mets. Read More »

No Trick Or Treat: Trying to Survive Halloween After Losing Someone

This Halloween season has been distinctly different for me. I am having a difficult time because I lost my mother and aunt earlier this year. Read More »

Reflecting on the Mets’ Loss in Baseball Playoffs: The Tale of My Broken Heart

I’m not in my right mind, and I know if I saw Mr. Met on the street (with his incessantly happy face) I’d punch him in his great big head. Read More »

A Tale of Two Cities: Baseball Playoffs Divide New Yorkers

It’s becoming very apparent on the streets of New York that the city is preparing for war between Mets and Yankees on the baseball diamond. Read More »

9/11 Is an Anniversary We Can Never Forget

We Americans must mark this day as sacred and honor those lost for the sake of those who died as much as those who have not yet been born. Read More »

MTV Turns 25: What A Drag It Is Getting Old

I am not doing anything too special to mark MTV’s 25th birthday this week but, not surprisingly, neither is the musical channel. Read More »

Some Self-Evident Truths on Fourth of July

Obviously, the men who almost froze to death at Valley Forge embraced Patrick Henry’s words. Read More »

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chris-Mets

There are more orange and blue shirts and caps being worn just like back in the 1980s when the Mets ruled New York. Read More »

An Ode in Bronze Relief: A Fitting 9/11 Memorial

As the words engraved on the right panel of the monument remind us: “May We Never Forget.” Read More »

A Eulogy For My Mom

As a writer and as a son, nothing has ever been more difficult than writing a eulogy for my Mom within 24 hours of her passing away. Read More »