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Victor Lana has published numerous stories, articles, and poems in literary magazines and online. His books In a Dark Time (1994), A Death in Prague (2002), Move (2003), The Savage Quiet September Sun: A Collection of 9/11 Stories (2005) and Like a Passing Shadow (2009) are available online and as e-books. He has won the National Arts Club Award for Poetry, but has concentrated mostly on fiction and non-fiction prose in recent years. He has worked as faculty advisor to school literary magazines and enjoys the creative process as a writer, editor, and collaborator. He has been with Blogcritics since July 2005, has edited many articles, was co-head sports editor with Charlie Doherty, and now is a Culture and Society editor. He views Blogcritics as one of most exciting, fresh, and meaningful opportunities in his writing life.

Summer Vacation Requires Kids To Prepare For Crossing The “Summer Bridge”


Parents need to remind kids that they have to have priorities and that school is always important, even when they are off for the summer. Read More »

A-Rod, Braun, Bonds and Company – Nothing But The Hall of Infamy Awaits Them

hall wikimediaorg

A-Rod and all the stars who dared to take a syringe to their buttocks in name of performance cared little about the kids who love the game. They cared nothing about setting an example, about playing clean for the love of the game because they don’t love the game. Read More »

Pope Francis’s Trip to Brazil – In Its Aftermath a New and Amazing Openness

FrancisPlane national catholic reporter

Despite the great opportunity and spectacle of the pope’s visit to Brazil, the even greater sound bites were to be found on Monday during the flight back to Rome. Read More »

Parents Need a Full and Equitable Partnership with Their Children’s Schools

school 3

Parents want and need to be advocates for success for their children in school; it is up to schools to provide every mean necessary for this to happen. Read More »

Blended Learning – The Wise Alternative to Longer School Days and Years

class 3

The beauty of blended learning is that it respects the teacher’s place in the educational equation. Students and teachers still need to be in a classroom for it to work. Read More »

Movie Reboots Getting Awfully Redundant

dark knight

The remakes, revivals, and re-imaginings will go on ad infinitum because, unfortunately, all things on heaven and earth that can be imagined can be re-imagined. Read More »

The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Yard Sale


It is painful to see someone offer so little for something that meant so much to your loved ones. Read More »

Lost Championship Game – Why Losing Can Sometimes Be Better Than Winning

soccer 3

Being a good winner is always easy, but being a good loser builds character and makes you stronger. Read More »

First Father’s Day Without Dad

dad 3

I am fortunate to have been my father’s son, and I miss him today and will miss him every day for the rest of my life. Read More »

Taking the Kids to New York City – Beware, Parents, Beware!

kids 1 faoschwartz

Bringing the kids to New York is like eating a Big Mac right before your colonoscopy. Read More »