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Teen Spirit, Revisited

I have a problem. You see, when I head a good song, I am overcome with an urge to sit back, close my eyes, tilt my head back, and just listen – perhaps smile blissfully, sing along, or reminisce about the time I first heard that song or the group. While this doesn’t sound like a bad thing, it’s not ... Read More »

Nostalgia and Adam Sandler

I was in grade 9 when Adam Sandler made his album They’re All Gonna Laugh At You. A friend of mine made me a copy of it on tape (good old tapes… I think it’s still kicking around here actually). I used to listen to it in my walkman on the bus and laugh to myself. It was just one ... Read More »

Where’s the kung-fu?

Dear Mr. Chan: I have been a long time fan of your work. I’m the proud owner of many of your films. I normally see all your movies in the theaters, sometimes more than once. I enjoy your movies for the most part… However, The Tuxedo, in my opinion, was far from your best American produced film. In fact, I’d ... Read More »

Shakespeare, on shaving

What happens to me when I’m severely over-tired and my legs haven’t seen the business end of a razor in a while? Poetry! Of course! Uh… Maybe not. To shave, or not to shave: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The pains and stinging of hot wax, Or to take arms against a tube ... Read More »

The Hole

A twisting storyline and plot make this an excellent own for any lover of psychological thrillers. Read More »