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american idol

A spinoff from entertainment executive Simon Fuller's British reality television show Pop Idol, American Idol first debuted in the United States June 11, 2002 on Fox network. It is a reality television show whose primary purpose is to identify the music artist that most defines who will become a singing sensation, or "American Idol," by holding nationwide auditions to select ... Read More »


Firefox is the name more widely used to reference the free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Firefox Application Suite, and is managed by the Mozilla Corporation,a public benefit, non-profit organization. As of September 2008, it was the second most popular and widely used web browser worldwide, after Internet Explorer. The browser uses 100% Organic Software developed ... Read More »


The term blog is a contraction of the word weblog. It is used to describe a website or web page which is typically maintained by an individual who posts brief entries regularly on an unlimited number of subjects. Blogs are often considered an online diary of sorts, and articles cover topics encompassing every possible subject matter. Entries are typically listed ... Read More »