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Book Review: ‘Somatic Energetics: Healing Your Back Pain and Transforming Your Life’ by Dr. Michael McBride

Somatic Energetics: Healing Your Back Pain and Transforming Your Life by Dr. Michael McBride

Dr. McBride believes our bodies know how to heal themselves and give us information to assist in that healing. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Feathers, Form and Function’ by Chris Maynard

Feather, Form, and Function by Chris Maynard

"Feathers, Form and Function' is a visual and insightful treat not to be missed. Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Girl Like That’ by Mary Flinn

a girl like that mary flinn

It’s been a long time since I laughed so hard or felt so deeply for the main character when reading a novel. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Tame the Wild Land’ by Patrick Shannon

tame the wild land patrick shannon

A good historical novel should not educate so much as open the door to further education about the historical period in which the novel has been set. Shannon has done that very well, indeed. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Understanding Patients’ Sexual Problems’ by Grace Blodgett, Ph.D., MSN

Understanding Patients’ Sexual Problems by Grace Blodgett, Ph.D., MSN

There’s no denial that we are all sexual beings with sexual thoughts and feelings, and to deny or ignore that fact is simply inhumane. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Deceived, A Sam McClellan Tale’ by Laura Wharton

Deceived, A Sam McClellan Tale by Laura Wharton

The first entry in a new mystery series is filled with twists and humorous and devious characters. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Journey with an Angel’ by Lisa Ulshafer

Journey with an Angel by Lisa Ulshafer

I invite everyone to read 'Journey with an Angel' with an open mind to see whether Ulshafer’s words stir their hearts. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future’ by Kim Ann Curtin

transforming wall street

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a day trader, someone with a 401k, someone who thinks everyone on Wall Street is a crook, or you just plain don’t care about the economy, you need to read this book. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Invitation to Love: Recognizing the Gift Despite Pain, Fear, and Resistance’ by Darren Pierre

The Invitation to Love by Darren Pierre

We need to be consistent in how we love, while understanding how people struggle with loving themselves, which makes it difficult for them to love us. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Spirians: Spirian Saga, The Beginning’ by Rowena Portch

Spirians: Spirian Saga, The Beginning by Rowena Portch

Anyone who enjoys a good action adventure fantasy, such as the 'Highlander' or 'X-Men' films, will enjoy this book. Read More »