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Book Review: ‘Soaring from Within’ by Lee Davis

Soaring from Within by Lee Davis

Davis writes in a manner that even the longtime student of spirituality will find refreshing and enjoyable, but a large part of the book is addressed toward younger readers. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Heartbeats for Cancer’ by Charlotte Cole

Heartbeats for Cancer by Charlotte Cole

A compilation of a year’s worth of nearly daily blogs that the author wrote about her journey through cancer. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Speak Up for Your Business’ by Michelle Mazur

Speak Up for Your Business by Michelle Mazur

Mazur makes public speaking easy — okay, not easy, but easier and less painful than doing nothing Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Dream of Shadows’ by Diana M. DeLuca

A Dream of Shadows, Diana M DeLuca

A fascinating look at two men and their families in two different centuries — the twenty-first and sixteenth centuries — whose existences are tied together through reincarnation. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Taking Back Parenting’ by Barbara C. Murray

Taking Back Parenting by Barbara C. Murray

This book offers very practical examples of how you can communicate better with your children. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Bruce Lee’ by Tommy Gong

Bruce Lee: The Evolution of a Martial Artist Tommy Gong

An evaluation of the martial artist that celebrates both his physical and intellectual prowess. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Goddess Heart Rising’ by Roslyn Elena McGrath

Goddess Heart Rising by Roslyn Elena McGrath

I wonder why men don’t write books about the gods of mythology in this vein. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Third Mary’ by Roslyn McGrath

The Third Mary by Roslyn McGrath

Channeling the mother of Mary Magdalene, writer McGrath offers 55 messages designed to shake up the reader. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Turning the Page’ by Michael Bluemling

Turning the Page by Michael Bluemling

A heartfelt and practical book about how people who have experienced abuse can move beyond it. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Fall Down Seven’ by C.E. Edmonson

Fall Down Seven by C.E. Edmonson

A moving and dynamic story about a Japanese-American family’s experiences when World War II begins. Read More »