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Wanna Eat The Best Chocolate In The World?

I’m a chocoloholic, so when I found out what the best chocolate in the world was, I got all excited. Amedei’s Chauo is from Tuscany, Italy. I’ve heard of it. The newly formed Academy of Chocolate in London has named Chauo the best chocolate in the world. [Via Nickie Goomba.] Chauo won the Gold Medal. Chauo won “because of its ... Read More »

Lesser Known Movies That Deserve Attention

There are plenty of movies that are lesser-known gems. If you’d rather watch something other than endless “Law & Order” reruns, try out some of these flicks: Buckeroo Banzai – We own that one. I love the saying “No matter where you go, there you are.” Tatie Danielle – This movie is a riot. If it was ever remade in ... Read More »

Culinary Confessions

I’m swiping this meme from Cooking With Amy. Name as many culinary confessions as you can. —– I don’t like pizza unless there are anchovies on it. I will tolerate a pizza with sausage and mushroom, though. If I don’t have a timer on, I will burn water. Heck, if I don’t have a timer on, I’ll forget anything that ... Read More »

Absinthe: The Lure Of The Green Fairy Is Greater Than Ever

Interest in absinthe has been increasing over the years, but Newsweek has noted that interest in the Green Fairy is growing even more. The variety with wormwood in it is illegal in the U. S., but you can get non-wormwood versions here. My husband and I love absinthe, but we want the real thing. The variety we can get at ... Read More »

Alito Is Not An Extremist, Activist Judge!

Of course Alito is not an extremist, activist judge, but only if you ignore… His position against the Family Leave Act. His position that anti-gay hate speech is okay in schools. His position against the upholding of the legality of a ban on the sale or ownership of machine guns manufactured after 1986. His position favoring that married women be ... Read More »

Alien Abductions – Just In Time For Halloween

My first, completely unrelated point: It’s not even Halloween yet, and it’s snowing outside. This is going to be a cold winter. I’m not looking forward to it. Halloween is the perfect time to discuss tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about alien abductions. A Reuters article says that alien abductees are prone to false memory. Do you have memories of being ... Read More »

Music From Without A Trace, CSI, and Cold Case

Hello, Without A Trace, CSI, and Cold Case fans! Lots of fans of these shows look to the Internet to identify songs that played on the episodes. This post will name the most popular songs requested as well as provide links for fans to enjoy. Fans of these shows frequently visit my blog, asking for the names of artists and ... Read More »

Movie Recommendations For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for some good horror movies. If the only movies you can think of are Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street, below are lesser-known horror movies of quality that may interest you. The Devil’s Backbone – A Spanish movie about a haunting at an orphanage during a war. This ... Read More »

Fathers 4 Justice Not Getting Their Way

Fathers4Justice had imploded in June, and several chapters had closed shop and removed their web sites from the Internet. Despite this set-back, Fathers 4 Justice members, both male and female, continue to engage in publicity stunts to protest what they believe is bias against fathers in UK courts. They continue to get a great deal of media publicity. The question ... Read More »