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Has Lost Ever Had a Master Plan?

Parsing the question of whether the series creators/show runners were really just making it up as they went along. Read More »

TV Review: FlashForward – “No More Good Days”

FlashForward tries the Lost paradigm on for size, and finds it needs some alterations. Read More »

James Cameron’s Avatar Teaser Disappoints

The first glimpses of James Cameron’s long-anticipated Avatar fail to enthrall; its 3D presentation so far its only real claim to hype. Read More »

Book Review: The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

With suspense, a little bloodshed, and an unbreakable code, another storyteller takes a swing at the Templar legend — and whiffs. Read More »

Avatar, James Cameron, and Myth

Cameron talks up the long-awaited Avatar at E3, but provides little insight as fans anticipate his first film in 12 years. Read More »

DVD Review: Galaxy Quest Deluxe Edition

By Grabthar’s Hammer, ten years old and still just as funny, Galaxy Quest returns to DVD, loaded with extras. Read More »

Book Review: Bad Things by Michael Marshall

Chills, but doesn’t thrill; Michael Marshall weighs in with a crackling, if somewhat prosaic tale of guilt and suspense. Read More »

DVD Review: A Plumm Summer

A throwback to the better days of movies made for kids, brimming with heart and charm. Read More »

Trailer Watch: Avatar

In development for more than ten years, and eight months before its release, Avatar still does not have a trailer. Read More »

Movie Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

Third time out, Bourne loses a little heart, but not an ounce of brawn. Read More »