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Questions about China

China is both a developing nation groping with the ways of the modern world and an ancient civilization. Read More »

The Prophecy of Hector Bywater

The early 20th-century British writer and naval specialist deserves our attention. Read More »

Australia Buys the F-35

Your local paper may not have reported it, but the plan to create an Anglo-centered world is about to take flight. Read More »

Book Review: Feticide and the Birth Cycle in Me’am Lo’ez

It has been repeatedly stated, “New Testament does not mention abortion.” The implication is that abortion either was not a big issue in the early Church or tolerated by early Christians Read More »

The End Of Liberalism In Foreign Policy

Recent events on Capitol Hill demonstrate something that needs to be made clear to the American people. Read More »

Iraq: The Basic Issue

There are times in foreign policy debates when choices are muddled in gray, and then there are times when foreign policy choices are easy to decipher. Read More »

What Miers should say

Gonzales v Oregon is the Supreme Court latest attempt to deal with a contentious social issue. Read More »

Belief in God is Protection against the Gulag

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Read More »

The Christian Century

The 21st century will be The Christian Century. Read More »

The White Sox and the Sins of Their Fathers

The offence was greater than anything that the Cubs or Red Sox have ever committed. Read More »