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A Profession of Faith (Part 2)

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I was once very religious, but I slowly began to throw off the shroud of belief that had been with me for many years. Read More »

Software Review: Xobni — A New Way to Look at Your Inbox

A great tool for Outlook users is Xobni. Read More »

My Life as a Specter Constituent

Hopefully I will soon get a chance to vote Arlen Specter out of office. Read More »

The Dapper John Galt

Is it time to concede that Atlas will shrug? Read More »

Simple Joys: Old TV Shows and Network Sign-Offs

I miss old television shows, station IDs, channel sign-offs. These are gone forever. Read More »

The Joy of Cast Iron

You'll enjoy and grow to love this classic, proven cooking method - starting with this recipe for pineapple upside down cake. Read More »

The Typewritten Manuscript

Not having the distraction of iTunes, e-mail, and high-speed web browsing makes me stick to my craft. Read More »

The Comeback of Vinyl

It seems an old technology is taking the hearts and minds of America. Read More »

Product Review: The Harmony One Remote Control

I recently had the opportunity to test a new remote control from Logitech. Those of you who are audio or videophiles will recognize the Logitech Harmony series of remotes. These remotes work on the concept of "activities", such as watching TV, or a DVD, a video, or listening to music. The remote is programmed to operate your equipment according to ... Read More »

TV Review: ABC’s Notes From the Underbelly Is About Everyone Who’s Ever Been Pregnant

ABC's Notes from the Underbelly is a funny, satirical look at parenting and pregnancy. Read More »