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Special is a word that has many meanings; it can mean unique, extraordinary or can refer to a deal or sale. It is derived from the Latin word 'specialis' which comes from the root 'species'.Under special circumstances, the word special can mean a certain vocation such as a 'doctor's specialty'. Special needs refers to individuals with mental or physical disabilities. ... Read More »


Patches refers to a repairing method such as to patch pants or to repair software glitches such as a patch for Microsoft™ Vista. A patch can also be an embroidered emblem that you add to clothing for its symbolic and aesthetic value. Girl scouts must complete tasks and challenges in order to earn badges that are patches for their scout ... Read More »


The US Drug Enforcement Agency reports that marijuana is the most widely abused illicit drug worldwide. The prevalence of marijuana use in young adults, teens and children has made it of particular concern to drug enforcement agencies. Medical research has developed dronabinol (synthetic THC) product, Marinol® which has been reported to reduce the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy treatment ... Read More »


Cinema and movie ticket prices have changed significantly over the years. According to the National Association of Theater Owners the price of a movie ticket in 1948 was a mere 36 cents and the average ticket price in 2008 was $7.18. Traffic tickets, where an estimated 25 – 50 million are cited annually in the United States alone, account for ... Read More »


Shades are a way of blocking the light or sun light in particular. This can refer to sunglasses or window shades as well as other darkening or sun blocking materials. Sunglasses are a very popular method of increasing visibility in areas of sun exposure. Jobson Publishing estimates that more than 85% of Americans use non-prescription sunglasses. Popular brands include Ray ... Read More »


Influenza or “flu” is a respiratory illness that is brought on by the influenza viruses. Every year in the US according to the Center for Disease Control somewhere between 5-20% of the population will contract the flu. More than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu related complications, and more than 30,000 die each year from the flu and its related ... Read More »


The downturn in the economy has the aggressive investor looking in every corner of the world for the next great deals. Many have been looking to Latin America for Real Estate investments. The Latin American market is thought to be high in glamor and low in price. International rental properties can be tricky to invest in and more complex to ... Read More »


Fast food, overeating, fast paced lifestyles and overuse of heavy red meat meals all contribute to toxicity in the system. In colon cleansing the belief is that toxins can be removed gently by water irrigation in the colon to release and remove any unprocessed or excess waste material that has not been voided naturally. Using water irrigation systems, natural or ... Read More »


Gift giving has been for centuries a time honored way to show affection, love and respect. Whether the gift is an introduction, hostess or social exchange or the marking of a special event like a birthday, anniversary or wedding; gifts should reflect the interests and relationship between the gift giver and recipient. In the case of wedding gifts, the item ... Read More »


Halloween is the celebration typically held on October 31st each year. The roots of Halloween go back thousands of years. It is believed that the Celtics were the originators of Halloween. The date marked the end of the summer and the harvest and the beginning of the cold winter that was often a time of death. The Celtic New Year ... Read More »