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Family History of Autoimmune Disorders Linked To Autism

New information indicates that autism and certain autoimmune disorders, two separate classes of impairments, may actually be linked. Read More »

Filing for Social Security Disability: Pitfalls and Judgment Calls

Individuals filing for SSA disability benefits may not realize how detailed – and sometimes subjective – the process can be. Read More »

Your Liver Is Important, So Treat It Well

We infrequently hear about the specific dangers that obesity may pose to our internal organs, such as the liver. Read More »

Will Your Marriage Make it? The Mother-in-Law Variable

If you're contemplating marriage, you've probably considered many variables. But what about your future mother-in-law? Read More »

social security disability

Social Security Disability is an abbreviated term used to reference social security disability insurance benefits, which are provided under Title II of the social security act, first passed in 1935 Eligibility for social security disability is determined by an adjudicator, who, depending on the level a claim is at, may be a disability examiner or a federal administrative law judge. ... Read More »