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During the week, Tim Greathouse is a freelance writer, father and homemaker. Each weekend he dons a suit and performs wedding ceremonies for remarkably cool couples all over his home state of Ohio.

Pranks at a Summer Camp (Part Two)

From castor oil poisoning to public panty auctions, all is indeed fair. Read More »

Pranks at a Summer Camp (Part One)

Like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner, it's a tradition within a tradition - and it can get brutal. Read More »

Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Multiplayer Mania

Don't be fooled by the skirt. The killingest character in this multiplayer gem by Ubisoft may surprise you. Read More »

Nutmeg Psychosis

A cautionary tale of the dangers of an uncommon and tasty recreational substance. That comes from a spice rack. Read More »

The Great Disappearing Act of Centralia, Pennsylvania

It wasn't the fires of Hell that wiped it off the map, but it's not far from the truth. Read More »

PC Game Review: Just Cause

Although it's a bit repetitive and fairly unrealistic, Just Cause is a symphony of brutality and monstrously fun. Read More »

Rodney Crowell Repells Obnoxious Concertgoers

An inventory of the socially retarded, tactless idiots that swarm you when your favorite artists perform live. Read More »

The AD&D Make-A-Silly-Wish Foundation

How "Dungeons and Dragons" reached back from my teenage years and got me thinking about what I'd ask a chill genie for today. Read More »