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Why Most Film and Music Blogs Have No Voice

Until you have a voice, UR just another URL. Read More »

Quest for Lyrics: “Surgery” by The Vincent Black Shadow

A grail quest for the lyrics to my new favorite song. Read More »

More Than a Feeling: Brad Delp, Lead Singer of Boston, Dead at 55

A prose elegy to Brad Delp, the nicest guy in Rock and Roll. Read More »

2nd Annual NECCO Conversation Hearts Awards

Ten new phrases are introduced to Necco's Conversation Sweethearts candy each year -- how does this year's batch taste? Read More »

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya (Young Adult Young Adult) Sisterhood

Young Adult (YA) isn't like it used to be. An introduction, some recommendations, and the obligatory Harry Potter Rant. Read More »

McCarren Pool Park in Williamsburg: A User’s Guide

A crash-course Lonely Planet for those venturing into the wilds of the hip, hip, hippest part of Brooklyn. Read More »

Why 13 Tzameti Kicks Hostel’s Skanky Ass

Why a movie like 13 Tzametishows that movies like Saw, Hostel, & Wolf Creek kinda suck. Read More »

How Do You Rock So Hard? – The Subways

The Subways are rock "nirvana" in a pop "oasis," and I was at their first-ever live show in New York City. Read More »

Morningwood – How Do You Rock So Hard?

A look at Morningwood and their response to the one question interview. Read More »

Best Picture Oscar Prediction (with one faux spoiler)

Why Oscar is allergic to commas, why 130,000 screeners *could* be wrong, why brevity is not the soul of wit, and why killing the shark's better than jumping it. Read More »