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CD REVIEW: Goldrush- Ozona

In the past half hour I’ve lost over $350 in poker. Not real money, thank God. That is why computers are so lovely. It’s got all of the excitement and sweat of real poker without the annoying burden of actually breaking the bank. Goldrush is poker playing music. They have a weird mix of sound that could allow them to ... Read More »

Giles: Giles

Giles is the brainchild of Tommy Rogers Jr., who is best known for his work with Between The Buried And Me. Only instead of crunchy metalcore we are treated to his own brand of hard hitting electronica. The effect of the music, while obviously electronic, is more hip-hop in feel. The beats are hard, driving, and repetitive while the lyrics ... Read More »

Des Ark: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Having them (“them” being the label and promoters) try and pass “Loose Lips Sink Ships” off as a full length is like going to the deli and weighing the two pound potato salad container, only to find its 1.87lbs. Des Ark’s new CD plays more like a good, healthy EP. Yet I’ll bet with the company pronouncing this a full ... Read More »