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In the throwing out the baby with the bathwater department….

Sunday’s New York Times (registration required) had a very interesting article about spyware-infected PCs being thrown out instead of being repaired. The introduction to the article provides much fodder for comment On a recent Sunday morning when Lew Tucker’s Dell desktop computer was overrun by spyware and adware – stealth software that delivers intrusive advertising messages and even gathers data ... Read More »

How To Instantly Godwin A Michael Jackson Thread

I made a commitment to myself and my blog readers a long time ago to stay far away from referring to Mr. Jackson until the conclusion of the present affair unless the situation positively demanded it, and other than the odd snarky comment occasioned by something too painful to pass up, I’ve kept to that. It’s been mildly amusing to ... Read More »

Cream Reunion Last Night At The Albert Hall

The highly anticipated reunion concert series began last night, opening with “I’m So Glad”, and the full gamut of Cream classics, including an encore of “Sunshine Of Your Love”. The interesting thing about last night’s photo of Cream is the difference in instrumentation from Cream’s classic period. Clapton of course was known for Gibson guitars through Marshall amplifiers, with the ... Read More »

The Ten Best Rock Films According To Mojo

An article in yesterday’s “The Independent” notes that Mojo Magazine has selected its top ten rock films of all time. Most of the list is unsurprising, and I doubt you’d get much quibble about any of the top four films being on any such list, short of rankings (for what it’s worth, “A Hard Day’s Night” would be my personal ... Read More »

Legislating Adware?

Despite my near-certainty that no Attorneys General nor other political movers and shakers read my missives, I thought I would present the outline of a manifesto regarding adware that might possibly be useful for some realistic form of legislation down the road. Realistically of course, any such legislation would immediately cause a relocation of any corporate presence of adware “providers” ... Read More »

Spyware: Follow The Money

What circumstances could bring pornography, Air France, Apple Computers, Vonage, Netflix, and J.P. Morgan Chase together? The installation of adware on your computer. As I’ve previously posted, there’s definitely a distinction between adware and full-blown spyware, but in the case of some adware, when you click on a URL that some adware advertiser is targeting (either as a competitor or ... Read More »

In The Fox Guarding The Henhouse Department…

A news item on CNET yesterday brings us the intriguing news that Claria Corporation has been named by the Department of Homeland Security to a federal privacy advisory board. The board’s membership includes representatives from firms such as IBM, Intel and Oracle, however, Claria’s inclusion is either puzzling or very telling. You see, Claria used to be known as Gator, ... Read More »

Spyware: First, infect all the lawyers….

Needless to say that attorneys have found their way into the spyware wars, and unfortunately some firms have chosen the dark side. In what appears to this layman’s eyes to be a prelude to a SLAPP (or similar suit), or merely an exercise in brinksmanship, several web sites, include CastleCops and Spyware Warrior have been contacted by an attorney for ... Read More »

Subversion In The Spyware Wars

Unfortunately, when you’re known as a techie, you get many calls from friends (what we commonly refer to as PEBKACs – Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) begging for help with their recalcitrant PCs. And despite innumerable lectures to them on layered defenses, I often find myself sitting in front of PCs that have outdated or no anti-virus, infested with ... Read More »