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Author Archives: The Obnoxious American

Time for a New Fairness Doctrine?

It's time conservatives ask if in fact the left was right on this one. Read More »

How the GOP Can Win

No, it's not all about courting Hispanics. Read More »

The New America

Make no mistake, the country has exceeded its tipping point and will never be the same again. Read More »

The Non-Choice

November 6th answers the question: Have we finally sold our souls short? Read More »

Birds of a Feather

On the NYC mayor's presidential endorsement and the choice we have on Tuesday. Read More »

Dear Obama: You Lose

An open farewell letter to President Obama. Read More »

Not Your Father’s Democratic Party

Exploring the radicalism inherent in today's Democratic Party. Read More »

Wake Up People

Are you really going to vote to reelect this man? Read More »

Turning the Tables on Tax Records

Is Mitt Romney setting the president up? Read More »

Mitt Romney for President

The Obnoxious American gives his official endorsement. Read More »