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NEW DATE: APRIL 17th – RISE once again with Mark Maxwell and LeRoy Downs on 90.7FM KPFK.ORG!! April 17th at 11pm PST

Sorry for the delay on the Rise duo with Mark Maxwell and me. I caught a flu bug that felt like I was in the ring with Mike after someone said that I called him a sissy! Anyway, Mark and I are going to record a new promo tomorrow and I will post it as soon as it is available. ... Read More »

The Real Kenny Garrett back at Catalinas Bar and Grill

There is no doubt that when the real Kenny G. stands up, Catalina Bar and Grill gets packed with jazz lovers who know and understand the true meaning of integrity in the music. This is the second night of Kenny Garrett’s run here at Catalina’s and he comes fueled with creativity, inspiration and a dynamic power that continues to plateaus ... Read More »

RISE once again with Mark Maxwell and LeRoy Downs on 90.7FM KPFK.ORG!! April 10th at 11pm PST

Back to do it one more time, LeRoy Downs will be a special guest host on RISE, the eclectic jazz radio program hosted by none other than the humble facilitator of the sounds of the creator, Mr. Mark Maxwell. Max and I have picked some very interesting and beautiful music especially for this program. Listen live from all over the ... Read More »

Jazz in Art at the Tilford Gallery

These four beautiful young people are the Tilford Art Gallery. Reggie Coleman, on your left, is Director of Publicity and Educational Development. Next is Bryan C. Payne, Head of Business Development. Victoria Platt Tilford is the Project Coordinator and wife of Gallery Director / Curator Terrell Tilford. T.A.G, as they are also known, recognize that for culture and art thrive, ... Read More »

Vanessa Rubin at Charlie O’s

Jazz music can be presented many ways. Elegant, soulful and straight ahead are just a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe this music. But, when a group of players who have not played together in a long time reunite, it all amounts to the biggest fun! Longtime friend Vanessa Rubin made it from Brooklyn to Long ... Read More »

Mostly Dolphy performed by the Luckman Jazz Orchestra!

Eric Dolphy, one of my true heroes of jazz is misunderstood by many while loved and admired by those open to hear and feel the music. Eric was born and raised right here in Los Angeles and graduated from Dorsey High School. His music changed and inspired a culture of musicians and non-musicians alike who understand the dimension of no ... Read More »

Dwight Trible at Cabrini’s in Los Angeles

Slide Show Vibe. Cabrini’s has the décor and ambiance that is lit perfectly where arts, music and creativity are free to thrive. Cabrini’s has only been in existence for a few years but has only been open to the public for about four months. It seems like it will be an extremely hip place for coffee, cocktails, music and conversation. ... Read More »

Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra at Royce Hall

Royce Hall is packed tonight and available tickets were in a very short supply for this group of extraordinary young players. This is the first time that I have seen the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra perform and I am quite interested to get a taste of the buzz. Leading the band from the rear, in the trumpet section of course, ... Read More »

Jazz on Monday Nights at the Belage Hotel

Slide Show Who said that there was not jazz seven days a week in this town! If you want to go where the word “JAM” means just that, then every Monday night at the Belage Hotel is your place. The Cross-Hart Connection is on hit every week with special guest, great music and a very cool vibe. Unlike the Belage ... Read More »

Directions in Music at the Cerritos Center: Our Times with Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove and Micheal Breaker at the Cerritos Center

Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker and Roy Hargrove represent three generations of excellence in jazz music. These cats walk on stage and the audience at the Cerritos Center start roaring! I keep expecting to see Roy with a full set of dreds but he chopped them off a while ago for the clean cut of his earlier days. This concert is ... Read More »