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Astros Win The Pennant!

The stage had been set. We could feel it in the pits of our stomachs. With one strike to go in game 5, Albert Pujols breaks our hearts and our spirits with a three run bomb to force the National League Championship Series back to St. Louis. Oh, no, we think to ourselves, here it comes. Another post-season collapse, another ... Read More »

How Jimmy Snuka Saved Monday Night

Monday Night Football gets worse every year. Despite the best intentions of the schedulers, they have developed a knack for choosing the wrong games with the wrong teams at the wrong times. Last night was no different. The Packers are halfway down the slippery slope to the ineptitude of their 1980s years while the Panthers are trying valiantly to prove ... Read More »

Celebrating Mothman

John Keel wrote a book in 1975 called The Mothman Prophecies, about sightings of strange creatures, UFOs, and mysterious characters in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, culminating in the collapse of the Ohio River-spanning Silver Bridge. In 2002, it was adapted into a film starring Richard Gere. The town of Point Pleasant itself has gotten into the act, hosting ... Read More »

DIY Helmet Stops Alien Abductions

The “Thought Screen Helmet” prevents telepathic communications between aliens and humans. According to the website, it is a tested, proven device, that can be created from a mere $35 in materials. Scientific validity aside, it certainly is a fashion statement. According to the website, the helmet stops “several types” of aliens from probing the mind. As advanced a technology as ... Read More »

Whale Bomb Horrifies Children

After rescuers spent the night trying to free a southern right whale beached in South Africa, the government carried out their final solution: they blew it up. According to South Africa’s Department of Tourism, explosives are recommended by the International Whaling Commission. As reported at Mirror.co.uk: Onlookers watched as explosives were strapped behind the 10-metre Southern Right whale’s head and ... Read More »

Ghost Hunters #206: Theater/Firehouse Hauntings

Air Date: August 24, 2005 This was the epitome of the quiet episode. There was not much going on this week for the TAPS gang except for the departure of embattled tech manager, Brian Hornois, on a self-imposed leave of absence. The first case was a theater where a spectral woman in a white dress had been seen in the ... Read More »

Ghost Hunters #205: Mordecai & USS N. Carolina

Air Date: August 17, 2005 A routine training exercise at President Andrew Johnson’s family home in North Carolina turns into something more when the TAPS team gets a chance to investigate a retired battleship. First things first: I have no idea why they didn’t just skip past the Mordecai House (17th president Andrew Johnson‘s home and birthplace) and go straight ... Read More »

Ghost Hunters #203: Meehan’s House

Air Date: August 10, 2005 They should have called this episode Ghost Hunters 2: Bayou Boogaloo. For the second time in three weeks, the TAPS gang heads to Louisiana. In our weekly installment of the Brian Hornois saga, Grant and Jason are complaining that Brian is spending too much time on the phone with his sweetheart. It’s always something, isn’t ... Read More »

Ghost Hunters #207: NY Museum / CT Lighthouse

Airdate: August 31, 2005 I’ve said it before: half the fun of watching Ghosthunters is watching the interactions of the TAPS investigators amongst themselves. In this episode, that is all the fun, as the two cases – a lighthouse in Connecticut and a museum in New York City – offer very little in the way of thrills and chills. The ... Read More »

Hurricane Katrina: Refugee Truth or Panic?

I’ve received several emails today that express concerns about the New Orleans refugee situation here in Houston. I can’t say whether these things are true or simply rumor, but reading between the lines, there is a definite concern, not for the well-being of the displaced Louisianians, but for the well-being of the local Texans. Without speaking to the truth of ... Read More »