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Ad echoes Atwater, Helms

Tom Coburn's mouth may have written a check his arse can't pay, as they say down South.

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Republicans stop Reeve Act in its tracks

The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act would have set up an integrated infrastructure for providing rehabilitative services to persons living with SCI throughout the country.

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The downfall of a model minority

But, I believe the make or break issue will be whether the attempted rape allegation is taken seriously.

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Sinclair blinks

Apparently, the Right Wing leadership of Sinclair does not get out much. They are surprised by the vehement opposition to their plan.

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GOP fails to block the vote

Yesterday, we discussed procedural hurdles dogging new black voters in Florida. It appears many new registrants will be excluded from actually voting on the grounds they did not fill out forms completely. A reader brought my attention to claims of a more blatant form of discrimination in Philadelphia. It appears that there the GOP has attempted to move voting sites ... Read More »

Greens willing to compromise

If a member of a third party votes for a major candidate, has he abandoned his principles?

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Black voters in Florida, deja vu?

During the last four years, registration of black voters has increased by 21 percent.

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Nader deserves swift kick for Swift Vets tie

He asserted that the donations prove his appeal across the political spectrum.

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Foreigners say Kerry best candidate

Perhaps they perceive us as captives to inept leadership we don't deserve.

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Photo album: John Edwards visits Portland

The candidate was energetic and upbeat.

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