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Old style racism mars S.C. election

. . .the perpetrators assume black people are stupid.

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A dog’s life for St. Bernards?

In September, the press reported that the hospice is selling its remaining 18 St. Bernards.

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Apple, HP: Repair it yourself

The option of allowing customers to do their own repairs eliminates some of the frustrations described above. Read More »

Bjork bashes Beyonce

Bjork's earnestness reminds me of my youthful righteousness.

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iPod Photo, U2 deal impress

So, here I sit with a gorgeous two-month old iPod that is no longer cutting edge.

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SCOTUS: Nader off Ohio ballot

1,956 were invalidated because the petition circulator falsely identified himself or herself as an Ohio resident. . . .

-- Toledo Blade

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Bushes reject Bush

They express concern about the war in Iraq, the environment and other issues.

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National sales tax is bad, backward plan

It falls more heavily on the poor; it is, in fact, a 'spare-the-rich' tax."

-- President Franklin Roosevelt

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Rehnquist Treated For Cancer

Civil rights buffs will recall William Rehnquist began his political career harassing minority voters as a member of a vigilante group in Arizona. Read More »

Newsweek ‘covers’ stem cell debate

Bush's actions include banning further production of embryonic stem cells by executive order three years ago.

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