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Apple offers new warranty on iPod

Our lamentations have been heard.

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Black grandson embraces Thurmond

The most interesting aspect of the conversation is that Dr. Ronald Williams defends Thurmond, while his host cuts the longterm segregationist and father of the Republicans' Southern Strategy no slack.

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Bigots defend Thurmond, dis’ daughter

Then, after the Thurmonds acknowledged Ms. Essie, there was blame-shifting. It somehow became her or her mother's fault, not Thurmond's, that she was born. Read More »

Thurmond left legacy of hypocrisy

“I’ve had a fulfilling life,” cackled Thurmond, winking salaciously.

-- Armstrong Williams

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Camera phones and the expectation of privacy

"If I'm in a locker room changing clothes," he said, "there shouldn't be some pervert taking photos of me that could wind up on the Internet."

-- The New York Times

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Hilton to star in second show

Oh, to be vapid, rich and loose.

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George Clinton says drug search illegal

Police said he had a bag of crack cocaine and a glass crack pipe.

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Altered Carbon probes what it means to be human

An idea rooted in Catholicism - that real death must occur in one's real body - is about to be ruled on by the international tribunal that decides major matters of public policy.

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Apple aficionado explains attraction

Another claim that appeals to our egos as members of the Macintosh minority is that we are all individualists. Sorry to break it to you, but it is not so, either.

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California child agency cleared Jackson

The memo was dated Nov. 26, 2003 - a week after the Santa Barbara County district attorney announced child molestation allegations against Jackson.

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