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Disdain for gays decisive

But, the reliance on racism of the GOP has become the norm.

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Challengers violate Voting Rights Act

Nor are their allegations of massive voter fraud by minority voters legitimate.

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Courts: Stay away from voters, GOP

Federal courts in the battleground state of Ohio have handed the Republicans a setback in using the third scheme in this election.

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My ballot and me

I could not vote for Wu. Neither could I vote for either of the other two candidates.

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A Savage Halloween

Teresa, below, has unwittingly chosen a famous enlistee in the U.S. Army, Pfc. Lynndie England, as her role model.

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Meet the Max Tax

So, it is important that the problem with a national sales tax be made clear.

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DST: Time to fall back

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R. Kelly is not a happy person

However, the bizarre circumstances Kelly (pictured) has been in this week might lead some people to feel some empathy for the apparent scoundrel.

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Keyes girds himself against ‘evil’

Alan Keyes has no business being in Illinois.

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Bush officials hold hunger report

Over eleven percent of households lacked sufficient food in 2002, up from over ten percent in 2001.

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