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Politics: ‘Nice’ Rice tells little

"There were some frightening things."

-- Condoleezza Rice

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Writing: The memoir and me

No, I am not jejune enough to completely put down the money motive inherent in writing -- or at least in publishing, which is what professional writers seek for their work.

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Analysis: Portland police shooting predictable

The Oregonian, in the course of covering the Perez story, published a feature about the day-to-day fear of the police many African-Americans live in.

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Blogospherics: Reading and writing

Another reason I'm thinking of reading and writing is blogger Patrick Ruffini and his recent pronouncement about the superiority of bloggers of the Right in regard to writing ability, content and independent thinking.

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Buddy Guy charms at Rolling Stone

Guy is expansive about the legacy of blues music he is part of, and, how the Guy family legacy will be carried on.

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Ken McLeod’s The Star Fraction disappoints

What if capitalism is unstable and socialism is impossible?

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Calpundit moves to Washington

He says being a part of Big Media (well, middling media, really) will not cramp his style.

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News: Race problems fester at Seattle school

"He said, 'Well, I don't like black people,' " she recalled. "If you don't like black people, don't come into a school that's majority black and teach."

-- Sierra Jones

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Commentary: Mencken and the inferior man

Increasingly, the far Right is attempting to rewrite history to support racial divisions in our society.

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Law: Gay student’s tee shirt was inappropriate

I would be just as opposed to a straight kid wearing a tee shirt reading: "I love 69."

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