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Blogs flunked Election 101

Political blogging is like Ralph Nader.

-- Frank Barnako

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Washington Dems call provisional voters

Good news for Democrats.

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The undeserving veterans

Images of hoods and hangings and slavery ran through Tyson's head as Rogers sang.

-- Lee Raynor

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Mormon Democrat may lead

Mormon and Republican fit together like a hand and glove to followers of electoral politics.

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Got governor?

Each time a candidate seemed to have momentum, a new round of vote counting changed that perception.

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Rush not racist enough?

One hopes Nowicki does not sleep in a full metal jacket in fear of being eaten.

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Embryonic stem cell research gets shot in arm

Proposition 71 passed was approved by nearly 60 percent of the voters.

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Amazon debuts iPod Store

Is it iPod mania or what?

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Bryant accuser wanted goodies

There are numerous barriers between claiming to be the victim of a crime and collecting money as a result.

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Hate found home in military

Some are veteran members of hate groups before they join the service. Others are recruited by fellow service members.

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