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Internet: To IM or not

If responding in comments to something I've said or emailing me is not fast enough, I wonder why.

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Second Kerry attacker discredited

Military records and the accounts of the far Right swift boat veterans seldom match.

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McGreevey caught in down-low spotlight

Herman realizes that McGreevey has brought the down-low out of the closet for white Americans.

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Smear campaigner backs down

My hope is that reasonable people will see right through it without having to be convinced that the swift boaters lack credibility.

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Real reduces price, ups ante against Apple

The effort is an attempt to attract Windows users from Apple's iTunes Music Store. Read More »

“Wake Up Everybody” is a a timely tune

Wake up everybody, no more sleepin in bed
No more backward thinkin,'
Time for thinkin' ahead.

-- Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

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Beheading faker is a candidate

Does it matter that Vanderford is coming from the Left of the political spectrum? Read More »

The Blue Notes were ultimate

The Ultimate Blue Notes, the most attractive compilation of material by the Blue Notes at the peak of their popularity I could find, relies heavily on the Pendergrass era, but the other Blue Notes are also present enough to remind one this was a group. Read More »

Edwards: Talk about civil rights everywhere

The fear of squarely opposing the day-to-day racial discrimination that is still the norm is that by doing so a leader will alienate some, perhaps most, white people.

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Man fakes beheading in Iraq

Some people will try to excuse the hoax on political grounds.

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