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The Rise and Fall of the NFL

Is it impossible to imagine the NFL failing? Read More »

Nice Guy Finished First – Who Cares?

Dungy is the exception, not the rule. Nice guys still finish last. Read More »

The Super Bowl Was Decided Weeks Ago

The Bears fate was sealed prior to Super Bowl 41. Read More »

Saban Will Ruin Alabama Football

Nick Saban just lowered the standards for college coaches. Read More »

Fire Sean Salisbury

I was wrong. Read More »

Are Sporting Events Under the Influence?

Are we past the point of gambling/cheating influencing sports? Read More »

Sean Salisbury: Idiot or anti-Semite?

Does Salisbury deserve to be called an anti-Semite? Read More »

College Football Recruiting Phrases

The truth behind college football recruiting phrases Read More »

The Reggie Bush Saga

What does the Heisman Trophy have to do with Reggie Bush. Read More »

Bengals Yearn For Discipline

What can Marvin Lewis do to protect his job and image? Read More »