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"You are not big enough to accuse the whole age effectively, but let us say you are in dissent." Thomas Merton. The Unspeakable.

Welcome to the Arab Street

It's not only venal Arab leaderships who ignore their peoples in service to corporate, American and Israeli interests. Read More »

Software Development and Mimesis

Software development is a very strange meeting point of diverse ideas, some better suited to literature, others to magic. Read More »

A Look At The Swamp Fox, Tony Joe White

A break from all this misery and murder, doom and gloom... and one of the few things that lightens my soul is music. Read More »

Evolution Does Not Equal Progress (Part 2)

The theory of adaptive evolution suggests that the interests of the species and individual are diametrically and violently opposed. Read More »

CD Review: Pure Religion and Bad Company

I've been on a bit of a musical journey these last couple of years. Read More »

Evolution Does Not Equal Progress

A common misunderstanding of evolutionary theory founders on misunderstanding of the word 'fittest.' Read More »

Reading, Reason, and the Politics of Belief

If all our reading is tendentious, how can we change minds? Read More »

The Jericho Prison Assault: Jack Straw’s Comedy Turn

Close reading: There's so much to read in that little chuckle and raised eyebrow. Read More »

English Premier League: Chelsea v. the Baggies

Football, referees, corruption and journalism thoughts after yesterday's Chelsea-West Bromwich Albion contest. Read More »

Just Say No to NATO

European foreign policy is being hijacked by unelected individuals. Surprise. Read More »