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Welcome to the Arab Street

It's not only venal Arab leaderships who ignore their peoples in service to corporate, American and Israeli interests. Read More »

Software Development and Mimesis

Software development is a very strange meeting point of diverse ideas, some better suited to literature, others to magic. Read More »

A Look At The Swamp Fox, Tony Joe White

A break from all this misery and murder, doom and gloom... and one of the few things that lightens my soul is music. Read More »

Evolution Does Not Equal Progress (Part 2)

The theory of adaptive evolution suggests that the interests of the species and individual are diametrically and violently opposed. Read More »

CD Review: Pure Religion and Bad Company

I've been on a bit of a musical journey these last couple of years. Read More »

Evolution Does Not Equal Progress

A common misunderstanding of evolutionary theory founders on misunderstanding of the word 'fittest.' Read More »

Reading, Reason, and the Politics of Belief

If all our reading is tendentious, how can we change minds? Read More »

The Jericho Prison Assault: Jack Straw’s Comedy Turn

Close reading: There's so much to read in that little chuckle and raised eyebrow. Read More »

English Premier League: Chelsea v. the Baggies

Football, referees, corruption and journalism thoughts after yesterday's Chelsea-West Bromwich Albion contest. Read More »

Just Say No to NATO

European foreign policy is being hijacked by unelected individuals. Surprise. Read More »