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Book Review: Youngblood Hawke by Herman Wouk

Herman Wouk's classic novel just might be the best book about the writing life ever penned. Read More »

Book Review: Down and Dirty Pictures by Peter Biskind

If you have any interest in Hollywood, movies, independent film making, or just about the entertainment biz in general, this book is a must-read. Peter Biskind is the author of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, a study of Hollywood movies during the Seventies. Down and Dirty Pictures is a sort-of sequel to that one, covering the period from the Nineties up ... Read More »

Conversation in a Dead Language: Reprint of an Interview with Lee Siegel

American novelist Lee Siegel talks about his obsession with India, magic and sex Read More »

Book Review: Broken Verses by Kamila Shamsie

Pakistani author Kamila Shamsie’s new novel, perhaps her most accomplished in several ways, could more effectively be used to build bridges without raising the ire of any political group. Without digressing into outright polemic, hewing firmly to the straits of the novel’s intellectualization of politics&#8212as against politic’s intellectualization of literature&#8212Shamsie’s work crosses the divide between Indian and Pakistani (and international) ... Read More »

Book Review: Hollywood Animal by Joe Eszterhas

The biography of a man living larger than life in the world's most sadistic, masochistic, brutal creative enclave. Read More »

More Than a Grudge and a Ring: Why Asian Horror Films Rock

I’ve been a fan of Asian cinema in general, and horror in particular, for a long time. Long before the recent Ring craze. Over the last decade or so, Asian cinema has taken over the horror filmm genre, and effectively left its own indelible stamp upon it. While western film makers continue to recycle the tame tired plots and ideas, ... Read More »

Book Review: India In Mind, edited by Pankaj Mishra

The Editor Has His Day: Do literary anthologies exist to publish good writing that would otherwise go unseen? Read More »

The Big O: Damien Rice Cuts Closer (To the Bone)

My no. 1 fave track right now is “Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice. My other no. 1 (ha, get it? two no. 1’s!) is “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. And my third no. 1 (whew! I must have flunked math for sure) is “Dark Escape” by Midival Punditz. I’d play these three songs back to back all day long – if ... Read More »

Strangers with Scalpels: The Scary Whitewashed World of Medical Thrillers

What is it about hospitals that frighten most of us? Is it the awareness that death walks freely down these sterile white corridors? That there are corpses and soon-to-be-corpses in this building that never sleeps? Or is it the knowledge that sooner or later we will surely visit here, perhaps for a day, perhaps for the rest of our days. ... Read More »

Book Review: Number9dream by David Mitchell

David Mitchell’s Number9dream is an American novel. It just happens to be set in Japan, with only Japanese characters inhabiting it. But it’s still an American novel. Critics have lashed Mitchell for doing a touristy version of the Japanese novel. Fair enough, or, us critics being critics, unfair enough! So Mitchell’s Japan is a playground for an American’s imagination, but ... Read More »