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Velázquez and the Soul of Juan de Pareja

Velázquez's masterpiece: The slave, and what his master saw. Read More »

New “Nuevo Tango” Sacrifices Tradition and Grace

The women want to appear hip and current, but their partners are hurting them with what they’re doing. It’s nuevo, but not tango. Read More »

The Great Cafés: Cafe Impresso at El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires

This café immediately fits the bill for the basics of a great café: history, theater, Tango, fine books, and great coffee. Read More »

Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

The Best Actor in thrall to a squandered story. Read More »

Baseball, Poetry, and Nicaragua

They are all the same. Read More »

From Bloggerish to Gibberish

Many blogs are more like random momentary conversation that goes nowhere, or at least not far. Read More »

The Great Cafés: Confitería Ideal, Buenos Aires

For the essence of tango, you can do no better. Read More »

Book Review: Fashion – A History from the 18th to the 20th Century, edited by The Kyoto Costume Institute

Think that fashion has gone the way of all flesh? Take a look at these books. Read More »

Felipe and I

Will the Atlantic wait for me? Read More »

Book Review: Memory of Fire Trilogy by Eduardo Galeano

For me, the most emotionally truthful take on the history of South America that's ever been written. Read More »