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Thank you!

I find that the time has come for me to depart Blogcritics. To the few friends that I have made on here, I just want to give a hearty thanks. Some of you have provided some amazing content and have provided some really great discussion. I wish you the best and don’t forget: HAVE FUN BLOGGING! If it ceases to ... Read More »

Yes, I went to see THAT MOVIE….

I am not a fan of Michael Moore but yes, I saw THAT FILM yesterday. I had no intention of seeing it until I observed a very strange phenomenon. Every show was selling out way in advanced and the type of people I saw that were buying tickets. Put that on top of the protester outside the theater and the ... Read More »

Election 2004: Hitler vs. Kerry vs. Bush

Remember that MoveOn contest a few months back that asked for homemade for a political ad to run during the Super Bowl? Think back hard… The was around the time of “Nipplegate” and when everyone though Howard Dean was going to be the man. Well, there was a particular submission which featured Bush being compared to Hitler (which has happened ... Read More »

And He’s OUT! Ryan Drops From Illinois Senate Race

Of course, I am terribly amused by all of this- I won’t lie. Not that he’s had a chance of winning after all the problems that the GOP has been facing in Illinois due to corruption, scandals and under the table deals from the previous Governor Ryan. (To be fair… Mayor Daley who is a stout Democrat and is in ... Read More »

Morrissey: “You Are The Quarry”

I have finished listening to Morrissey’s new “You are the Quarry” and I have to say that I am impressed! I have always been a fan of The Smiths and Morrissey’s solo endevours… with one caveat: I can only take it when I am in the mood or in small doses. Considering this is Morrissey’s first release in several years, ... Read More »

This Just In: Iran Goes After British Ships!

Well, in case you didn’t think the world was unstable enough as it is, we get more signs of a potential world war: Iran Confiscates U.K. Military Vessels By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer TEHRAN, Iran – Iran confiscated three British military vessels Monday and arrested eight armed crew members, state television reported. The three British ships entered Iranian ... Read More »

“He’s doing a fabulous job and America’s lucky to have him …”

Rumsfeld Says U.S. Hid Iraqi Prisoner from Red Cross Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged on Thursday that he ordered the secret detention of an Iraqi terrorism suspect held for more than seven months near Baghdad without notifying the Red Cross. Rumsfeld told reporters CIA Director George Tenet asked him last November “to take custody of an Iraqi national who was ... Read More »

erase me.

I remember when I first got started in MIS/IT, my mentor told me how working on systems required one to not only be technically savvy but to also act as a doctor/psychologist/social worker. There were times when one would be expected to have the decorum and confidentiality of the clergy, especially when it was actually the president of the company ... Read More »


It took me a half hour to finally post this as that I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t get it together to post it. So bad but sooooo good! Is it in bad taste? Perhaps. Do I care? What do you think? 😉 President Bush Welcomes Zombie Reagan to the Ticket Photo courtesy of Bush-ZombieReagan.com You have got ... Read More »