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Older Rock Not Aging Well

Jazz is timeless. Classical, baroque and flamenco pieces sound as graceful and/or exciting today as they did when they were composed. The Blues seems to have stepped into a time warp. Not so rock-n-roll. Read More »

New “Partridge Family” to Take Wing

Beware, Osbournes. The Partridge Family, TV’s first, if fictitious, family of rock, is coming back. Twice. The Partridge Family, the 1970s family sitcom that spawned the same-named chart-topping pop act, will be revived in a pair of planned series for VH1, the cable network confirmed Friday. The first show is to chronicle the casting of the new show, à la ... Read More »

Looking forward to “Master And Commander”

The Patrick O’Brian novels on which the new Russell Crowe movie is based were rollicking, lively tales of British naval officer Jack Aubrey and his friend, surgeon Stephen Maturin. Filled with the violence of the Napoleonic era, well-written and captivating, this series of novels was one of my favorite reads in my late teens and early twenties. Master and Commander ... Read More »

A Brief History of Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, supported by a shaggy bass player, a singing female keyboardist, and a very tall drummer. That seems to be how most younger folks think of Fleetwood Mac. But there’s much more to the story than smooth, glossy, highly-produced, massively successful California pop. In 1966 a bloke by the name of Peter Green replaced Eric Clapton ... Read More »

Supreme Court Rejects Judge’s Ten Commandments Appeal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a long-disputed bid by Alabama’s top judge to display a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments at the state judicial building… …(T)he high court refused to hear two appeals by Judge Roy Moore, who was suspended after refusing to comply with a federal judge’s order in August to remove the ... Read More »

A Day of Traveler’s Hell

I hate traveling for business. I’m willing to do it, but there aren’t too many things I wouldn’t prefer, if given the choice. Things generally go badly – plane seats too small, my knees stuck to the seat in front of me, lousy food, the passenger next to me drinking too much or breaking wind too loudly and too often. ... Read More »

Harvey Mandel’s Baby Batter – A Forgotten Classic

Harvey Mandel’s heavily jazz-influenced 1971 blues album Baby Batter features brilliant, fiery fretwork from the former Canned Heat guitarist. The opening title cut starts with a long lead organ solo, with Mandel slowly ramping up the rhythm guitar bursts until he soars into the fray with an extended lead guitar solo that is at once syncopated and oddly rhythmic. Midnight ... Read More »

BlogCritics Guitar Poll Results

Here are the results of the BlogCritics poll to determine the greatest guitarists ever. As of October 29, 63 people have taken the poll, with 346 names entered. All names are listed below. At this point, Jimi Hendrix is ridiculously far in front, with Clapton easily in second place, and Page, SRV, and Eddie following the frontrunners in a close ... Read More »

Grammar, Typography and Believability

Many people have many things to say on BlogCritics. I’d like to believe that all of the things said have merit, and I’m certain that all of the people saying them would like to have their opinions heard (or in this case, read). I for one find it much easier to read what people say, and to believe it, when ... Read More »