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Ella, Basie and Benny inducted to Jazz Hall of Fame

I was unaware until yesterday that a Jazz Hall of Fame existed, and was astounded to learn that it just opened last year. I am thrilled to see that the giants of the art form are being recognized with their own Hall of Fame, even if belatedly. NEW YORK (AP) – Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and Benny Goodman head this ... Read More »

Great songs you never want to hear again

This site currently features lots of highly engaging discussion about the recently released list of the top 50 worst pop songs of all time. I must like lists, or at least discussions thereof, as I was first attracted to this site by the discussion surrounding the Rolling Stone Top 100 Guitarists list. How about a list of the “they-were-great-once-but-I’ll-puke-if-I-hear-them-again” songs? ... Read More »

Premiere Magazine’s 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

Premiere Magazine has released a list of what its editors think are the hundred greatest movie characters of all time. I hope this will stimulate conversation akin to that generated by Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarist list. I may chime in with comments later, but for now, here’s the list: The 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time The Complete ... Read More »

An Evening with Guitar Legend Robben Ford

I went to my first concert in years last night. That’s not to say I haven’t seen any live music recently, but it’s the first time in quite a while that I’ve purchased a ticket to see a live musical performance. Guitar legend Robben Ford rocked the house down at the Soiled Dove in downtown Denver. Although comparatively unknown to ... Read More »

Guitar Poll Results: 100 Entries

We’ve now had 100 entries in the poll of great guitarists. Since the results were last posted after 63 people had entered their choices, much remains the same, but there have been a few significant changes. Jimi maintains an insurmountable lead in first place, with Clapton easily in second. Hendrix and Slowhand received the same number of votes (28) since ... Read More »

Harry Potter to Be Spoofed on Film

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The world’s most famous boy wizard is about to be irreverently and thoroughly spoofed with bathroom humor and innuendo. MGM studios said on Friday it had bought the script of “Henry Bates and the Sorcerer’s Balls” — a comic parody of both the hugely popular “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” series. Out go the ... Read More »